The first four CD's in this section are Blues and "Bluesy". All are Stan just simply playing an acoustic guitar and singing. (Although there are a few instrumentals.)  

There is no multi-tracking or overdubbing on any of these albums. Just Stan playing "live". This is true on all his recorded music!  

"No Room To Reason" was the first one released. That was really the recording that propelled Stan's career up to the next level. Taking him from a solid local and regional following to a much wider national and international level. That album is all original material.  

His 2nd release "Covered In Blues" was all "acoustic standard blues covers". That CD gained him much needed traction within the more traditional acoustic blues community.  

His 3rd album "Compelled To Play" was a bit of a gamble. Although extremely well received by most press critics, it strayed a bit too far from the more traditional styles most of his listeners liked best.  

This 4th album - "Covered In Blues Again" is a collection of mostly blues covers Stan performed in 2015.  

The fast tempo "Come A Day" is the only original in this collection. This album does a good job of documenting his interpretations at this point in time. As usual, this is a "no frills" recording approach...just Stan performing live with no editing all one take.  

The Duets are Eric McFadden and Stan Hirsch...Just live performances with them doing what they do. There are two albums here..."Live At The Dindo" and "Captures Alive"...indeed...(Wow!)  

TEN IN TWO is Stan's newest release! Just out in February 2017. These are two large works. Opus 53 (27:01) and Opus 54 (22:45). Again, like all his work, they are solo guitar "live" recordings, BUT...they sound very different. They are composed in many different movements each with it's own unique tones and textures. He calls then "soundtracks".  

The three albums "Tenfold" , "Emergence" and "Solo 84" show Stan in a very different light also. These are all original instrumental pieces.  

Then there is still more...very early mid-60's 45's and some great as yet unreleased stuff. Also some "popular" songs arranged for solo guitar. (Not performance versions, but more just recordings students could reference.)  

(There are over 100 songs here that you can listen to and/or download!)

I'll play for fortune or just for love
Anytime, anywhere,
but when push comes to shove
I'll play for nothing
now don't you see -
fame and fortune may come my way
But the Bottom Line
I love to play.
Rock and Roll,Rhythm and Blues
Bebop-swing,anything that moves
A gift from God some might say
But the bottom line
I love to play.
"The Bottom Line"-Stan Hirsch