A Love Poem -

Stella Sovereign Strat's and slide--18 28 and 45 

Single coil pi-ez-o-- Leo Fender Coronado  

Flatpick bent bridge pin-- stacked-pot Princeton on ten 

Perfect pitch toggle switch--traded the twin for a Super Six? 

Reverb pan intensity speed--overdrive boxes, Flying V 

Slinkys whammy middle lead--brown black tan and tweed 

Bass treble tremolo triple-O--wha wha flanging buzzin' over bow 

Compressed pre-war pre-amp--pre CBS Showman Champ  

Transducer Deluxe cap and tap --tubes Tele's thin & fat  

solid state(no don't do that!) 

Body binding bridge and bone--badass brass bronze over-tone 

Three bolt single & double ought--PAF Humbucker Big dreadnaught 

Chrome faced F-hole--explorer shallow bowl 

Speed knob tapewrap tophat gut--nylon ballend locking nut 

Black Diamond fat old flat-wound strings--pickups pedals saddle springs 

Supras soap-bars Echoplex--varitone switch 6V6 

AX7 seventy twenty five--L7 L4 335 

Coil chords chorus Kent and Kay--hollowbody mother of toilet seat inlay  

Harmony, intonation, phase, delay 

Digital analog head heel--magnetic nickel fretless steel  

SG Les Paul Bigsby finger ease--fuzztone fuzzface trapeze tailpiece 

Blackface Super in-line noisegate--Vibrolux SM 57 58 

Finger & thumb picks pickup rings--folksinger silk & steel wound strings 

Flattop archtop Alamo--Tennessean Rick Dan Electro 

That greasy sounding Silvertone--National biscuits smashed in cone  


(c) 2006 Stan Hirsch