In My Own Words.  

It a nice long trip!  

For the last almost fifty years I have made my living as a working musician. For me it all seems like a simple story...I PLAY GUITAR, write songs, sing, record, look for gigs and take students. Although I am not a very good businessman, I have earned a decent living doing what I love.  

My autobiography is a short book "Compelled To Play" which tells the story of my 50 year journey as a perpetual music student. Included in that search are the many situations involved in my making a living as a working musician. It also covers many of the physical trips and mental paths where I lost and found myself. It is a very personal account. You can order the book or just...(See link below.)  

In the "BLUE FALCAN MUSIC/MARKETING" section are some short bio type histories included along with other promo type material.