History: Brief

Born in New Mexico (1949)  


Stan Hirsch started his professional career at age 16 (1966). Auditioning, then being hired by a concert touring/recording working band that had a hit record on the radio. THE MORTICIANS (Hey, not bad for just a regular guitar playing kid.--See picture below).  

Since then he has been cast into about every possible role a musician can play in order to continue earning a living. This includes work as a member and leader in dozens of bands (mostly electric "Club Bands" ), working on projects as a "studio musician" and working as a "sideman" in countless musical groups playing almost every style imaginable.  

Performing in clubs, bars, cafes, at art fairs, dances and weddings...from "background" in restaurants to nice spotlighted concert stages --whatever and wherever..."payin' his dues".  

Along with his career as a performing musician Stan has almost always had some students. Starting with just neighborhood kids in his parents living room and continuing on with private students and at workshops.  

So, that "payin' his dues" period lasted about 30+ years.  

THEN--in the mid-90's he started consentrating on the acoustic blues again. Stan's solo acoustic style is something he started to build in the late 60's. "I would do the Folk and Folk Blues, but also always add all the other styles I loved. Rock & Roll--from Elvis to Chuck Berry, Surf Guitar songs, throw a bit of Hendrix and Ray Charles in there, some Johnny Cash or Chet Atkins, whatever".  

So, for him this was like coming home, and became his main performance outlet. In Stan's words " it seemed like such a good fit and I was getting such great feedback, that I decided it was time to make a record".  

This was a very good decision! His first solo acoustic Blues based CD, No Room To Reason (2000), turned out to be a real boost to his career.  

"I started getting national and international recognition! Great reviews, calls for gigs, a website, etc..I guess I just hit the right thing at the right time".  

This presented him the opportunity to expand out of the "local Southwest Market" and start performing "solo acoustic" in clubs, concerts and festivals across the USA and Europe.  

(Which also allowed him the opportunity to record more albums, and also do guitar workshops, which led to instruction "manuals" then books, etc...)  

Again, in Stan's words "So, here I am...It's been 50 years now! All said and done, what has always kept me going is the fact that I love the sounds coming from my hands thru the guitar. I am thankful everyday that I have been able to follow my life's path as a musician".  

The bottom line- He just loves to play!  

(For much longer 37 page history about Stans guitar journey see link below "Compelled To Play".)

My first professional band. (mid-60's) (That's me standing far left.)