50 years of professional gigging...that's a lot of performances. The way Stan puts it ,"I sure wish I could remember more details! You know, --more about the people I've met, and places I've been."  

Unfortunately, he never collected much in the way of press clippings, flyers, posters, whatever. And those kind of things somehow legitimize a career in the entertainment business.  

So, most of the ones on this website are from the last 20 years or so,(when he started generating a lot more of a "commercial" business structure.) Although a few are from the 60's - 70's - and 80's.(Man I wish he had some more of those early ones--oh well...)

"Hirsch is every bit as good as the best of his peers, but lesser known, and he surely should be considered as one of the best, if unsung, blues musicians in the USA.
Hirsch plays his blues with a funky, energetic essence and a harrowing sense of tension.If his CDs are not yet in your collection, or if you have a chance to see him, Stan Hirsch is all that!"–Frank Matheis (The Country Blues.com)