The Blue Strat Sessions

The Blue Strat Sessions

Stan Hirsch-The Blue Strat Sessions  

Here is what Stan has to say about this album;  

"I have always loved the Stratocaster guitar! I got my first one in 1964 when I was 15 years old. I've owned about half a dozen since then,and have played every kind of music with them! But the tone I have always liked best is at low volume, played sweet and clean using just a vacuum tube model Fender reverb amp. These songs were chosen special because they work so well with this guitar and amp dialed into that tone. Of course, I'm also dialed into it!"  

These tracks were ,as usual for Stan, all recorded "live" single track. (No multi-tracking or overdubs.)  



(1)Just Before Farewell 3:53  

(2)Otis,Sam & Ray 3:06  

(3)How'd I Know 2:29  

(4)Stans Blues 3:30  

(5)Blue Surf II 3:43  

(6)Crazy 'bout Maggie 2:55  

(7)A Minor Love Affair 4:10  

(8)Helping Hands 3:02 

All tracks live solo guitar playing.  

All songs (c)2017 Stan Hirsch