Here is a place where Stan can talk about what he's been up to.

In my own words

Hey...Stan here!  

This last year has been a really productive one for me.  

As far as gigs go, I really didn't play many,  

but the ones I did were very cool.  

I did a few in France that turned out incredibly well.  

Wow...they really enjoyed my blues and American roots type styles.  

I did a very short performance in Myanmar in a small town on Inle Lake.  

The audience was mostly aspiring guitar players and their friends.  

It was soooo cool! They were just so excited and open.  

While traveling in S.E. Asia I also did a blues guitar workshop at a very small music school in Luang Prabang Laos. No one could speak any English, but we ended up learning and then jammin' out the blues. Very Cool!  

All of that made me decide to put out a new album of standard blues songs. I called it "Covered in Blues Again" because it is really a continuation of my cd "Covered in Blues". This new one came out even more stripped down and simpler. I guess I just wasn't as interested in proving myself? 


I also finished a rather large and quite different music project entitled "Emergence". This included 9 songs , Opus 44- 52, all instrumental solo guitar. Very different sounding than anything you would have heard me do before. This project also included an experimental music notation painting/drawing for each Opus. Then on top of all that, I made a video showing all that notation with an Opus as a soundtrack. I also put that into book form you can order off Amazon or just look/download here! (All on  

Well it's July and I am in Germany, way out in the country with few distractions. I had a project that I started in January that I really wanted to finish, and this seemed a great place to do that. So I picked back up the project and things finally started clicking.  

It is a very different kind of instruction book called  

"The Music Makers Dance Lesson".  

Unlike all my other instruction, this is all using just mainly prose and poetry!  

Like I said..."Really different'! That book is now available to purchase from Amazon or just read/download. (On  

I am really happy about finally being able to have all my work up on my site! ( Most all of it is there to listen to (100+tracks), to watch (30+videos) to read (5books). Most all of it is available to just either enjoy on line or download or buy.Wow! What a difference not being under any obligations makes!  

Ok, then...back to work & play.