I have been writing and recording instrumental pieces since the mid-60's. I had a guitar and a reel to reel tape machine. 

I just liked experimenting, whatever.  

Anyhow, I recorded a lot of these in late 70's and early 80's.I shopped the tape to the labels (There were mostly only big ones back then, and there was no other way to really get your stuff out there without a label deal.) I thought well...Columbia Records released the Robert Johnson stuff so maybe... 

Thinking back on it now, thirty something years later, I am amazed that I could just send them a copy and they would actually get back to me! Some of them even listened to it --(but all of them passed on it. --Oh Well...)  

Anyhow, I found an envelope with all these rejection letters and thought since I don't have any reviews, I would put those up here. Hope you get a kick out of em'---I sure did! Of course back then I was a bit disappointed. (I have no idea what I was thinking!) 

I performed the music here and there between my $ making gigs,(still do) ---sold out the few hundred cassettes I made --you know how it goes...Luckily things went way uphill from here!