Short Press Quotes

"Stan Hirsch-phenomenal doesn’t begin to describe his playing. Complete mastery of the six-string is more accurate. His guitar work is mesmerizing and his soul-drenched vocals are unlike any west of the Mississippi Delta."-M. Henningsen, Weekly Alibi (2001)  

“Appealing to blues fans and lovers of acoustic guitar in general, his sound - which manages to sound unique and familiar at the same time - falls somewhere between old-school country blues and greasy clubhouse. The result is unwaveringly tasty, in a home-fried kind of way.” - Michael Koster -For the Journal North (Santa Fe)(2001)  

"Minimalist instrumentation, a guitar and a voice especially lovely. I was really blown away and I highly recommend." By Andre' Perronnet -Blues Magazine *Red Heart Logo "Favorite" (France #58 (2010)  

"Hirsch is thrilling to listen to...He commands your attention with his deep-in-the-well singing, his knowledgeable fingering and his fresh compositions. Together these elements make you think he was born to the blues. Blues aficionado or not, you will be drawn to Hirsch's bewitching blues." Dave Steinberg The Sunday Journal 2001  

"...brilliant acoustic guitar virtuoso playing, it is doubtless on another level, and the vocals are well suited to the music...a mixture of his own compositions and personal arrangements of well known classics." Blues Matters Magazine-U.K. (England)- 2009  

"Hirsch is a beast on the guitar, acoustic or electric, and his respect for honest, unfiltered craftsmanship runs deep. Hirsch's intimate understanding of his six-string companion is on full display." Simon McCormack Weekly Alibi - July 2009  


“No matter what he plays he gets attention for his soulful virtuosity and mastery of a wide range of acoustic blues styles. Hirsch plays with a funky, energetic essence and a harrowing sense of tension. If his CDs are not yet in your collection, or if you have a chance to see him, Stan Hirsch is all that! Frank Matheis The Country Blues .com  

“If you haven't heard this man before, then take this opportunity because here is a guitar master at work!" Terry Clear- Blues Bytes-International-Aug. 09  

“Stan Hirsch is a gem of a guitarist and singer. Hirsch brings so much more to the stage than soulful blues. He can strum chords as if it were a flamenco tune. He can work chord structures to make you think he's in the middle of a folk song. And he doesn't just sing; he breaths life into the music." David Steinberg -Journal Venue: Music(2009)  

“Hirsch isn't so much playing the blues here as he is channeling them. Working percussive thumb picking into feverish crescendos and then cascading out into careful, sinfully beautiful arpeggios is just part of the recipe: Hirsch fleshes out the songs with minor key inversions and chord figures that, for most players, never get past glimmers of what's possible with five fingers manipulating six strings. In that regard, Hirsch's guitar prowess is simply on a higher plane. But he's also supremely gifted with the ability to make virtuosity palatable to even the most casual listener. Local IQ: By Michael Henningsen (2009)  

(NOTE: From Stan- “Thanks guys, I really am blown away by this stuff”)