Instruction Feedback

Here is some feedback from students and workshop directors.

These are the kind of things that make me feel really good about my role as a teacher! 

A few E-mails from students. 

I've taken lessons from a number of people and none have approached your ability to break concepts into their fundamental units and make them easy to grasp. "Daniel E. Pearcy"  


Your playing and knowledge are an inspiration. And you are pretty damn funny too.  

"jim neil"  


Stan, Honestly I thought your class was over the top! I usually gravitate to my electric, but after your class I had to go out and get a better acoustic! "Sabert Lewis"  


Stan, I really enjoyed the workshop.I think all the different blues styles and songs that you used as examples was very informative. Looking forward to next workshop!  



Stan, I enjoyed your class a lot. The one thing that opened up new territory for me was using the right hand (actually thumb and fingers) for bass notes and chords (and licks) played separately. Guess I always knew that was out there but never had been shown how to make it happen. Thanks!  


Stan, I can feel the blues, I can hear rhythm, but I've had a hard time getting that to my fingers. (the way you explain is of course the key.) Having the style shown to me one step at a time.  

Also the atmosphere was very relaxed. Only a teacher's personality can create that. I've taught thousands of people (more than a hundred at a time), and I've found that a relaxed atmosphere and some laughter is very conducive to absorbing and then retaining information. You did a good job in creating that atmosphere. Enjoyed your class immensely, & hope to do future workshops with you.  



Stan, I enjoyed your class immensely. In the almost 40 years I?ve been playing, I had absorbed in bits and pieces. Before your class my understanding of the blues was disjointed and complicated. You taught me the essence and structural underpinnings. You?ve pushed me beyond learning and forgetting licks-to actually making music.  


Stan Thanks again for your great teaching sessions at Augusta this year. I've been going through the recordings and syllabus at slow pace and gradually catching on to those Texas licks. Great stuff that you present in a way I can actually learn it!  


Quotes and E-mails from workshop directors who hired me.  

Telluride Blues and Brews - Stan, Thanks for all your hard work, you were stellar as usual! ..a consumate professional at all times, and a very nice man to boot. If I weren't the director of this camp, Id' be sitting at your feet in your classes and soaking up your knowledge.  

Mark Galbo-Director-Telluride "Blues Fest." Guitar camp. 

New Mexico Jazz Workshop (Blues Series)Stan receives rave reviews from his students who go away from his classes inspired to play and practice with plenty of info. to work with. Stan presents his teaching materials in a clear and concise manner and demonstrates both his love of the blues and his love of teaching in every class.  

-Maud Beenhouwer-Education Coordinator-New Mexico Jazz Workshop --  

Augusta Heritage Center Blues Week "Students flock to his classes...because they love what he brings to the program. I have hired many fine teachers, and Stan Hirsch is one of the best...that's why I keep asking him back."  

Rich DelGrosso  

Some famous students  

Although Mcfadden learned many of his diverse styles through listening and osmosis, he credits an old teacher, Stan Hirsch, with giving him the self-assurance to tackle new things. "I'd listen to Jimmy Page and say-I can't play that".McFadden remembers."But he would prove me wrong by showing me that I could. He gave me knowledge and confidence"  

Interview with Eric McFadden (Guitarist with George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars, also, Guitarist with Eric Burton.) Guitar Player Magazine-June 2000